As the world became global, the borders were fully opened and the countries became far closer. For this reason, many people have begun to live in different countries from their origins. Their reasons are so different such as work, trip and education. In this case, the need to move personal items and the need for moving companies arises.

Inter Logistics Group has been serving with a young and dynamic staff since 1997. For more than twenty years, we have developed our vehicle capacity and service network day by day. Now, we can easily and proudly say Inter Logistics Group has the largest personal goods transport facilities and the biggest moving company in Turkey.

We not only develop our service network but also improve quality standards. And customer satisfaction is one of the most important issues of our work criteria. Our international transportation service has a widespread service network all over the world. The Central building of our firm is located in Istanbul. So, we can easily actualize international moving Istanbul and all other cities of Turkey. All kinds of transport, which does not include Turkey, can be performed by Inter Logistics Group, no matter in which part of the world.

Inter Logistics Group is a door to door moving company. In this way, you do not have to worry about any details about moving. Our professional moving staff will arrange all the details for you in a short time and you will reach your new home as soon as possible. Your new house will be organized like your previous home and you will start to sit in peace at your new home.

We offer the best quality and widest range of moving options for you with our international moving service. Don’t forget, international moving requires experience and expertise. And Inter Logistics Group has them for years. We are ready for your convenience.


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