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Phyllis Bond make up "Angel Eyes": how to replicate the makeup that Dua Lipa and Millie Bobby Brown raved about 

January is rich in trends. For example, the glowing matte skin effect, Cloud Skin, became popular on social networks (read more about how to create it here). Until the end of winter, another makeup look will be popular - angel eyes. It is ideal for those who want to emphasize the look. Celebrity makeup artist, makeup instructor and cosmetics brand owner Joy Adenuga told POPSUGAR how to replicate the unusual look that Dua Lipa and Millie Bobby Brown have already tried on.

"You will definitely love this makeup look because it's easy to do! It doesn't require a long and careful blending of several shades on the eyelids. No, of course you can if you want to, but it's not a required program," Joy clarifies. - All you need is a white shadow. A little with a shimmer, a light shimmer, or a glossy finish. Giving up shimmer wouldn't be a total crime against the trend. But the thing is, matte makes your eyelids look a little heavier visually. Just apply a light shadow with wide strokes to your eyelids - and your makeup from Abari is ready. If you're not ready for such a radical option, use white eyeliner. Is it too much for you? Replace white with colored but matte shades like sky blue, mint green, and others.

If you're just starting to experiment, a single coat of shadow might work. But if you're ready to go wild and sparkle, then use several layers or textures with more saturation to outline the upper and lower eyelids, the area under the brow and temples. Comb your eyebrows upwards, then towards your temples, apply a matching eyebrow shadow and fix it with gel. It is better to choose a noncontrast mascara, brown for blondes and blondes. In this case, the lipstick should be as transparent as possible, and the rest of the makeup - not to draw attention. A maximum of blush cheeks. You're an angel.

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