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Phyllis Bond make up Cloud Skin effect of matte glowing skin: we analyzed makeup trend 2023  

There was a time when we were only looking for matte foundation textures; since 2020, radiant skin has been in vogue. But now it's time to mix the two trends. At TikTok, a similar effect is called Cloud Skin. That said, Chantelle Miller, makeup artist and digital content director at MAC Cosmetics, believes it's as natural a makeup look as possible.

"Cloud Skin is radiant, but also matte skin, like a baby," she notes in an interview with Pop Sugar.

Chantelle Miller also explained how to create this effect.

Step 1: moisturize

"Before any makeup, regardless of your skin type, good hydration is important," says the makeup artist. - For instance, you can use a serum. MAC recently came out with a great product in their Hyper Skin line. I also like Prime Focus Primer from Wet n Wild and True Skin Radiant Primant Priming Serum from Ilia Beauty.

For those with oily skin, according to Miller, that can be the end of makeup prep. But if you have dry or normal skin, it's best to still apply moisturizer.

Step 2: Apply a primer to certain areas of your skin.

Once your skin care products are absorbed into your skin, you can proceed with your makeup. Chantelle recommends that you first focus on the areas of your face that usually get shine throughout the day. These are the areas you should apply primer to (not your whole face!). Her choice is Prep & Prime Skin Refined Zone by MAC.

Next, you need to fluff the primer with a fluffy brush in a circular motion.

Step 3: powder with a matte finish.

The next step is a powder with a matte finish. But you need to be careful with it: it is better to "beat" the product into the skin with a brush.

This should result in a perfect tone: the skin will be matte, but at the same time it will shine in some areas.

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