International moving may be frightening and stressful if you’ve never done it before. When a customer finds a professional and master of his domain in moving, everything will be much easier. Because,  a specialist international moving company guides customers about the moving process, about border issues and the other specific cases.

Inter Logistics Group has built a righteous fame as an international moving Istanbul company since she was founded in 1997.  Our target is to work personally and professionally with each family, for their door to door moving needs. We are also aiming to exceed customers’ expectations from a moving company.

A door to door moving is a personal issue. That’s why a moving company has to take special care for moving. Our reputation is especially about our professionalism and institutionalism. Because of that, Inter Logistics Group provides a detailed and personalized moving standard for each customer.  Our moving adviser and coordinator tell every detail for customers, and then, they do not encounter any surprises. Thus, the transportation is carried out without stress and without problems. Inter Logistics Group ensures peace of mind by using protection package to move every material without damage. And we also offer a full-coverage written warranty in case of any problem.

Why are we different from any other moving companies ? Because, Inter Logistics Group works harder, faster, more professional and provides excellent customer service. Whenever our customers need any detail about moving process, we answer them with accurate information immediately.

We have lots of moving options for a door to door personal moving such as highway home goods transportation, airway home goods transportation and marine home goods transportation. These transportation options are shaped by the wishes and needs of customers. A customer can choose whichever he / she wants and Inter Logistics Group’s most important target is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.


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