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Phyllis Bond make up A procedure that will extend the life of the lip contour 

The perfect lip contour isn't just about permant. Sometimes old, tried-and-true tips play with new colors when the experts reveal the details. And it turns out that good advice becomes almost perfect. Such was the case with a trick involving lip liner. Talia Cheech, executive director and makeup artist at Anastasia Beverly Hills, shared in TikTok a way to help prolong contour staying power.

So, start by moisturizing your lips, then when the product has absorbed, apply a loose, translucent, firming powder. Cheech recommends a product from the company she works for, but that's not the point. Brush the powder around the edges of your lips with a small, fluffy brush. Brush away excess product.

"I recommend using a translucent shade specifically so that the color and outline of your lips won't change, as is often the case with the usual tinted powder," Cheech explained. An extra layer of tan shade powder or a brightening tone can create the illusion of a mustache around the mouth and distort the palette of the lipstick. In addition, the same product texture on the face and lips on warm skin can blend and "float." If the products are different, however, the likelihood of such a beauti-catastrophe is lower.

Afterward, apply eyeliner and lipstick. If you use matte, add powder on top to seal in the effect. But, if you prefer a satin formula or gloss, then skip this step.

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